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The end times of the NY Times: Mrs. Trump’s profile indicative of the decline of journalism

After the debacle of an article from ThinkProgress recently, which mistakenly reported that UCC did not actually have a ban on guns, the leftist media has been seemingly supplementing their gradual decline into mediocrity as of late — with extra shoddy reporting. The latest example of this has arisen from The New York Times of all places, which managed to botch a simple piece which looked to do a basic profile of Donald Trump‘s wife. CNN reported that they made five mistakes in total:

“1) The article spelled the name of Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife as ‘Wendy’ rather than the correct version, ‘Wendi.’

“2) The surname of an editor at The Palm Beach Daily News was spelled ‘Jangigian’ instead of ‘Janjigian.’ The writer’s role was also misidentified – the article listed him as a society reporter, when he oversees fashion coverage.

“3) The story referred to a photo of Melania Trump (née Knauss) in Talk magazine, writing that she was 26 at the time, ‘more than a quarter-century younger’ than Trump, her future husband. Knauss was actually 29, making her ‘almost a quarter-century younger.’

“4) It stated that Melania Trump attended the CNN debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in September. Mrs. Trump did not attend that debate, though she was in attendance at the Fox News debate in August.”

And the most notable error:

“5) The article wrote that prominent presidential candidate Marco Rubio is a member of the House of Representatives, when he is actually a member of the United States Senate.”

With a major outlet like The New York Times obviously publishing content without doing basic editorial work, and ThinkProgress making the same kind of simple research errors last week, it really beckons the question of how truly reliable these outlets are. If this is becoming the standard of reporting for the mainstream media these days, it makes you wonder how much longer it will be until the general public turns its back on these dying organizations — by making their final shift of confidence to the emerging alternative media.

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