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Be careful using a mud mask: crazed politically correct crowd may call you RACIST because this natural health remedy is ‘black face’

Just when we think the insanity over political correctness can’t get any worse or more absurd, we are proven wrong.

As reported by The Daily Caller, now a young woman’s darkened facial mask – you know, the cream many girls use to improve their skin and complexion – is considered racist (but really, only by some fool who is hyper-vigilant for any excuse to toss the race card).

Proving once more how utterly pervasive Left-wing lunacy has become on the nation’s college campuses, the taxpayer-funded chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is now attempting to furiously backtrack after crying racism after two students posted a Snap Chat image of themselves in a dorm room with dark, ink-like facial skin care treatment smeared on their faces.

In recent days Beverly Kopper, UW-Whitewater’s $238,000-per-year chancellor wrote a lengthy statement about her massive planned action in response to the image, reports local CBS affiliate WISC-TV.

“Last night a disturbing racist post that was made to social media was brought to my attention,” Kopper’s statement read.

“This post was hurtful and destructive to our campus community,” the disturbed Kopper also wrote. “You have my promise that these steps are only the starting points and together, we will determine actions that will ultimately create a long-term cultural change.”

The chancellor went on to indicate that another high-ranking university official, $143,468-per-year Tom Rios, would be leading a gaggle of other bureaucrats who planned to meet with students, look into race relations and really come to terms with the depth of how two students could stoop so low as to smear dark exfoliating cream on their young faces.

The group planned to meet in order to “to capture the student voice and develop a collective response to these issues,” according to WISC-TV.

As of this writing, it wasn’t clear if the meeting was still planned, The Daily Caller reported.

Finally, after figuring out that she was hyperventilating over nothing but legitimate facial cream, Kopper – holder of a Ph.D. in psychology counseling from Iowa State University – admitted that, no, there was nothing really bad or harmful about the social media photo.

But rather than blame herself for her own idiocy, The DC noted, Kopper instead pointed a finger at the two unsuspecting white students for failing to “think about the implications and the impact that it would have” to appear in a photo… wearing skin exfoliate.

Having stoked the racial fires, however – not that they needed to be, especially in the age of Obama, mind you – black students on campus moved right on from the phony facial issue to other pressing matters of race.

“Young ladies using Snap Chat to say the n-word multiple times mockingly, or you have someone who still has not been identified write the n-word on a black student’s page,” Black Student Union president Radaya Ellis claimed to WISC-TV.


In addition, a separate black student, Reginald Kirby, said he believes that white students should undergo mandatory racial training.

Of course.

“I think they should be educated on the topic,” Kirby told the station.

Why? Well, racism, of course. Not that black kids should have to be singled out to attend mandatory racial training – as in, how minority students’ regular, and baseless, claims of “racism” against white students is wearing incredibly thin.

One local Republican lawmaker stepped up to point out the lunacy.

“The racial over-reaction of Chancellor Beverly Kopper and other UW-Whitewater administrators without first checking the facts of the situation is a stark example of how political correctness has warped the mindset of highly educated university administrators,” state Sen. Steve Nass said in a statement. “Frankly, these are the people responsible for educating our sons and daughters, but they seem incapable of applying reason or common sense.”

To say the least.


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