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University cafeterias reflect prisons more than educational institutions as PC madness grows

When the trend of egregious political correctness really reached a peak a few years ago, many libertarians, conservatives and otherwise logical people joked that there would be no end to the insanity. The Regressive Left would never be satisfied and they would constantly want to take more and more. No matter how ridiculous their battles were, it seemed as though these people would find something offensive out of virtually everything on the planet.

At the time, we didn’t realize just how right we would inevitably become…

After coming after our video games, movies, clothing, haircuts and language, the authoritarian leftists are now attempting to come after the general lifestyle choices of college students.

According to Amber Athey of Campus Reform, “Students in at least one Rutgers University residence hall are being encouraged to use only language that is ‘helpful’ and ‘necessary’ to avoid committing microaggressions.” There truly is no end to the fascist attitudes of these wackos.

For those who are out of the loop of insanity that the leftists have forced us all to fall into, microaggressions are everyday behaviors and innocuous statements that could unintentionally hurt the feelings of the oversensitive millennial crybabies that now plague campuses across the country. Actions as simple and harmless as asking someone where they’re from are now expected to be treated as earth-shattering acts of violence by the mindless fools on the left.

But what’s most dangerous about all of this is that the Regressive Left is now scaring human beings out of being themselves. They’re telling everyone that simply by existing, they’re causing harm and offense and that the only way to make up for this is essentially by questioning every single thing that you do. As annoying as it is to most of us who see through what they’re doing, it’s worth noting that this kind of authoritarian behavior could have devastating longterm effects.

The people attending these schools aren’t students anymore — they’re prisoners.

By censoring language, halting conversation, and suppressing debate, the authoritarian leftists are preventing young human beings from forming into the people they were born to be. They’re trying to play God in a culture war — and Americans are letting them win by refusing to stand up for freedom.

Our younger generations are being forced to stagnate by this carnival of political correctness that prevents them from being true to themselves. If we want our country to survive, and if we want its legacy of liberty to continue, we must stand up to this absurd behavior. The only way to ensure that freedom will once again reign true is by openly, loudly expressing our disdain for the direction the United States is headed.

It’s time for us to take our country back and once again become the Land of the Free.



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