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Total stupidity: Black Lives Matter claims that climate change is ‘racist’

There are a number of things wrong with the “Black Lives Matter” movement, most notably its implications that only the lives of Americans of African descent “matter” and that our country’s police are murdering blacks by the thousands and getting away with it.

Now, apparently, there is a new twist to this increasingly militant movement, and that is the insinuation that so-called climate change is a racist construct.

As noted by Liberty Unyielding, a recent report in the UK’s The Guardian claims a British faction of BLM shut down a major airport in London ostensibly because white-dominated nations are polluting the world and in turn harming poverty-stricken African nations.

In an opinion piece written for The Guardian, BLMUK mouthpiece Alexandra Wanjiku Kelbert claimed that Britain, as the world’s biggest emitter of “greenhouse gases” per capita, that the country is harming other nations, in particular “seven of the 10” most vulnerable which are located in sub-Saharan Africa.

She goes on to complain about the “tiny elite” that use the London City airport, stating that the vast majority of the pollution presumably coming from jet exhaust is harming the surrounding residents, 40 percent of whom “survive on £20,000 or less” each year. She also laments the fact that while the elite use the airport, nearly 3,200 immigrants have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean Sea trying to get to Europe.

First of all, the issue of man-caused climate change isn’t even real. It doesn’t matter how often academics, control-freak politicians and phony activist climatologists claim that it is, there is no proof or evidence indicating the climate is being changed or influenced in any way by modern-day activities.

For another thing, Kelbert displays an arrogant assumption that the climate would only be affected by rich white-dominated countries, as if black-dominated countries don’t emit pollutants at all. That ridiculous notion is far from being reality-based. For that matter, she seems to blame white-dominated countries for being so successful – for having populations who elect leaders that don’t abuse their power, rule dictatorially and loot national treasuries for their own personal gain. Most African nations cannot make that claim, as most are led by authoritarians who rob, murder and pillage to remain in power. That’s not the fault of “rich” countries, though Kelbert seems to believe otherwise.

And also, it truly is a shame that anyone has to die trying to pursue a better life. But instead of praising her native continent for becoming a beacon of opportunity, she criticizes it and seems to think Europeans aren’t doing enough to help migrants, a claim that really is laughable considering the number of migrants the continent has absorbed in recent years.

Finally, none of this has a thing at all to do with race, and to claim that it does is absurd. That is something said by someone who is simply looking for another angle in which to advance their political activism.

There are real issues of race and racism in the world, no question about it, and Kelbert is not wrong to point them out. But that said, we would all be better off if people like her would stop assuming that the issue is a one-way street and then making up new ways to be upset about it.


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