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“Gorilla channel” hoax demonstrates how quickly Trump-hating Leftists will believe any stupid thing (and share it with their stupid friends)

Many of the same folks who relentlessly mocked Trump supporters for supposedly being too dumb to identify alleged “fake news” are looking pretty stupid themselves right now. That’s because they fell for actual fake news in the form of a satire tweet recently put up by the comedy-based Twitter account @PixelatedBoat, which made a joke about the president’s television-watching habits.

Following the release of Michael Wolff’s new book supposedly accounting his experience in the White House, @PixelatedBoat decided to make a joke about the contents of the book. The tweet stated, “This extract from Wolff’s book is a shocking insight into Trump’s mind,” followed by a link to a made-up satire piece about how President Trump asked his staff to put on “the Gorilla Channel” for him to watch.

Because the channel doesn’t exist, @PixelatedBoat wrote that the president’s staff created a fake “channel” for him that contained 17 hours worth of gorilla documentaries and curated clips of fighting gorillas in order to pacify the commander-in-chief. It was obviously meant as a joke, and not a real account of actual events.

But many leftists were quick to “retweet” the post as if it was actual news, blasting the president as they usually do for being “dumb” and “stupid.” But the joke is now on them, as @PixelatedBoat had to go so far as to change its Twitter name to “the gorilla channel thing is a joke” in order to communicate to its followers and those who didn’t understand the tweet that it was 100 percent satire and nothing more.

One Trump-hating twitter user with the handle @cdelbrocco wrote: “This is scarier than s*** knowing this human being has the capability to use nuclear weapons. I shuddered and got chills. OMG OMG OMG,” seemingly falling for the fake story.

Twitter users destroy leftist lemmings for falling for obvious fake news hoax

This was just one of thousands of re-tweets that caused the initial tweet to go viral and make it to Twitter’s “Moments” page. It all happened so fast that @PixelatedBoat had trouble getting the message out that it was a joke. Apparently, satire goes over the heads of leftist liberals who, ironically, are incapable of differentiating between what’s true and what’s false.

These same people refuse to believe anything that the president says or does because they’ve been programmed by their favorite media outlets to believe otherwise. But some outlandish joke on Twitter? Well, that’s real news to these Trump-hating lunatics who live in a fantasy world of their own making.

It wasn’t just Trump supporters who had fun reveling in the irony of the whole thing. Corporate cable giant Spectrum (owned by Charter Communications) issued its own satirical guidance for those looking to watch “the Gorilla Channel” themselves.

“Thank you for contacting us. The easiest way to request a channel be added to your current lineup is to click on the following link and fill out the request information,” Spectrum’s tweet stated, followed by a link and a “^JK” (for just kidding) – just in case this tweet, like the original, went over liberals’ heads.

Several others were even more pointed in their responses, with one Twitter user suggesting a “Joke Option” that will help “extremely smart journalists and prominent Online Thinkers” understand “very subtle jokes.” He then hit the punchline with an ironic jab deathblow: “Extremely subtle jokes are a threat to our democracy.”

Another wrote:

“The Gorilla Channel exposed many people for their willingness to believe literally any anti-Trump anecdote put out there and the subsequent defensiveness is even more hilarious.”

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