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Super “woke” actor Ron Perlman says he’s ready to DIE to help defeat Trump… but Twitter users point out reality isn’t a MOVIE SET

When he’s not playing make-believe in television and movies, 67-year-old Hollywood actor Ron Perlman spends a lot of his time hurling insults at President Trump via Twitter. But these insults appear to have morphed into death threats as of late, as Perlman recently tweeted about how he’s willing to die to take down Trump.

Insinuating that he’s possibly on the verge of taking a page from the radical Muslim playbook by engaging in a type of suicide mission against the president, Perlman told his followers that he’s “at the end of a great life,” and that, “It’s my kids I fight for.” He then followed this up with, “And if dying for my Country is what’s in order, I’m ready.”

Perlman sent the tweet on February 10, just four days before the alleged mass shooting that reportedly took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. This incident prompted an immediate, and seemingly orchestrated, uprising of said-to-be students at Stoneman who are walking out of class and marching around in demand of stricter gun laws.

Naturally, Perlman has jumped on board with this latest leftist “brownshirt” attempt to trample the Second Amendment in the name of “saving the children.” But it’s his tweet about giving his life to unseat our lawfully elected president that has many people wondering whether or not the law enforcement is taking this threat seriously.

Christian Toto from Hollywood in Toto is taking it more as a joke, mocking Perlman as just another air-headed Hollywood blowhard who keeps busy behind the camera and keyboard, but who never actually puts his money where his mouth is.

“He must be serious because he capitalized ‘country,'” Toto joked, adding that Perlman failed to “spell out how he’d give his own life for The Resistance.”

“Perhaps a subsequent Tweet will add some clarity,” Toto jibed.

Go ahead, Perlman, give it your best shot and see what happens

Meanwhile, Twitter users everywhere took the opportunity to slam Perlman for envisioning himself as some kind of martyr, when in fact his words suggest that he’s more of a wannabe suicide bomber ready to scream “Allahu Akbar!” as he emerges from the bushes like a madman to approach the White House with knife in hand – or worse, one of the firearms he’s so vocally condemning in response to the Parkland shooting.

“Ready to die for your Country are ya? Is that until someone yells ‘cut’?” joked one Twitter user. “Real oath keepers take threats like you’re making seriously. I heard you play an excellent Tough guy in the movies. Pro-tip… Movies don’t equal reality.”

Mark Tapson from Truth Revolt went even further, challenging Perlman’s empty words and asking when he plans to start marching in the streets with the weaponry he supposedly hates so much to lead The Resistance®. Is Perlman really willing to leave his cushy Hollywood lifestyle to risk his life trying to destroy President Trump and the patriots who support him? Hardly.

“It’s unclear why Perlman thinks he would find himself in a position to die opposing the Trump administration, but like many actors, he’s probably of the common Progressive delusion that Trump is ushering in a new Hitlerian fascism and that the commoners will look to celebrities to lead the revolution in the streets against the alt-right brownshirts of the government,” writes Tapson.

“Remember also that actors are fond of making dramatic political promises that they then wimp out on, like moving to Canada if a Republican becomes president. Many an actor has gotten our hopes up about this but never followed through.”

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