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Must-see video: Steven Crowder crashes SXSW “gender fluid” panel with self-identifying computer man… “beep beep”

The mass gathering of techno-freaks that descends on Austin, Texas, every year as part of the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) ritual was met this year by a small group of pranksters who were chastised for pointing out the hypocrisy of the LGBT cult in a humorous and clever way.

Political commentator and comedian Steven Crowder reportedly trolled a small gathering of transgenders and other attention-seeking malcontents by sending in a brave intern who disguised himself as a life-size computer.

Claiming that he self-identified as a computer, this intern was at first welcomed by the so-called “gender non-conformity” meetup until they apparently realized that he was not there to express his non-human “gender” with legitimate sincerity.

Dressed as a robot named “SvenComputer,” the individual is seen in an undercover video mocking the liberal attendees in the room, claiming that he was different than them. In between repeated expressions of “beep beep” – because that’s the sound computers make (sarcasm) – the intern was quickly rejected by the room full of intolerants.

“My condition is not imaginative,” he stated, implying that all of the others in the room are playing the gender card for attention. “I’m totally for real,” he added.

Be sure to watch the entire hilarious video clip on YouTube below:

If Twitter and Facebook don’t like your political persuasions, expect to become a social media censorship victim

It didn’t take long for “SvenComputer” to be ushered out of the room by security officials, and the video above in its original form to be pulled from YouTube for failing to meet the media website’s terms and conditions.

Crowder’s Twitter account was also suspended for 12 hours for his alleged posting of “hateful content” – a subjective classification that Twitter actively and arbitrarily assigns to “politically incorrect” content with which it disagrees.

Even after editing the video to remove words like “hateful” that the social media giants objected to, Crowder and his friends who shared the content were similarly punished, once again illustrating the censorship tactics of both Facebook and Twitter.

“[T]aking Twitter at their word on the time-out limit, we schedule video promotional tweets, using the new and improved, not-as-triggering, bleeps-added video via a third-party platform,” Crowder stated in response to the initial 12-hour ban, which even despite the alterations he and his team made to the videos, still resulted in a second seven-day ban.

SvenComputer, the intern who appeared in the video, also reportedly had his Twitter account suspended using the same excuses.

“The fact that Twitter pulled down the edited video proves they were offended – not by the word ‘f**got,’ (and other supposedly offensive language that was removed from the second cut) but the concept of the video itself,” writes Kelen McBreen for

It’s similar to what Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, recently experienced with his YouTube account, which was recently pulled – and every single one of his more than 1,700 videos removed – after the Google-owned service decided that his channel didn’t meet its guidelines.

“What you need to understand about what’s happening is that this is the opening salvo of an actual war that the Left will soon take kinetic,” Adams warns, noting that it’s not just him but hundreds of other conservative-leaning, truth-telling pages that are also getting the ax.

“First, they silence all the pro-America voices across the ‘net. Then they stage another mass shooting false flag and use it to abolish the Second Amendment. At this point, you have no First Amendment rights left, and you have no Second Amendment ability to defend yourself against left-wing tyrants. From here, they then fabricate fake accusations against their political targets and call for their arrest, knowing that people who have been silenced have no way to defend themselves against false accusations, as they’ve all been silenced by decree.”

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