Pinterest says that questioning vaccines is the same as promoting drug abuse or suicides

According to the new Pinterest community guidelines, you are no longer allowed to question vaccines. If you post facts about the failures of the flu shot… if you point out the poisons that are in childhood vaccines… if you share any research or personal testimony on vaccine damage… your post can and will be taken down by Pinterest’s Big Pharma-controlled censorship team. If you dare post “anti-vaccination” advice, you will be blamed for putting public safety at risk and encouraging people to commit self-harm.

The latest copy of Pinterest’s community guidelines says that Pinterest will not tolerate anything that promotes drug abuse, suicidal ideation, or “anti-vaccine advice.” Pinterest warns they will remove anything that has “immediate and detrimental effects on a pinner’s health and public safety.” This includes removing pins that promote “false cures for terminal or chronic illnesses and anti-vaccination advice.”


In order to keep the internet safe from “disinformation campaigns,” Pinterest no longer allows anyone to post anything that questions vaccines or pharmaceuticals. Pinterest has bought into the lies and propaganda of the vaccine industry and is going to extreme levels to be the vaccine industry’s acolyte. In trying to eliminate “disinformation campaigns” Pinterest has actually fallen for one of the greatest disinformation campaigns in the history of medicine: that vaccines are 100 percent safe and effective. Just as North Koreans are punished for questioning their dictator, anyone who uses Pinterest cannot question holy vaccine science.

What is “anti-vaccination advice?”

Anti-vaccination advice is actually life saving advice that promotes the upward trajectory of a healthy, natural immune system. Vaccination is not synonymous with immunization. Immunization occurs naturally, within the body. The human immune system is constantly immunizing itself through natural exposure to the billions of bacteria, fungi, parasites, and virus cells that exist everywhere, all the time. Vaccination, on the other hand, is an attempt to force an immune response to pathogens. This is often accomplished using an adjuvant such as aluminum. Vaccination burdens the body with filthy poisons like human fetal tissue, diseased cow’s blood, formaldehyde, and toxic aluminum salts in order to introduce a specific pathogen to the person’s immune system. There are no guarantees this process works effectively for every individual. To make matters worse, fully vaccinated populations are some of the sickest because their immune systems are so run down by a consortium of toxic elements.

Pinterest will take down any information that helps parents make an informed decision about vaccines for their children. Any pin that questions a Hep B shot at birth will be taken down.

Any pin that dares mention the immune system boosting properties of probiotics, vitamin C, vitamin D, or human breast milk could be removed for being “anti-vaccine advice.”

Any pin that shows the scientific facts about the failure of flu shots, can be removed for somehow putting public health at risk. Even though viral mutation and virus shedding from the flu shot is putting the public’s health at risk, Pinterest will suppress that information so more people obey flu shot propaganda.

Any post about the deaths, seizures and auto-immune conditions that result from Gardasil vaccinations will be scrubbed from the site.

Any dietary and/or herbal protocol that is used to heal chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease can now be censored from the site.

By removing life-saving advice on natural immunity and by promoting toxic injections, Pinterest is complicit in promoting self harm and putting the public health at risk.

To learn more about vaccines, visit Vaccines.News.

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