Progressive men literally start cutting off their own balls as gender insanity reaches new level of dangerous mental illness (op-ed)

As more awakened human beings are starting to realize, the political Left is a dangerous, deranged authoritarian cult, and its members are repeatedly proving just how insane and dangerous the progressive “LGBT” movement has become. Now, a 23 year-old American male, “claims to have personally removed his own testicles and penis, desiring to render himself what he refers to as a genitalia-free ‘nullo,'” reports Big League Politics.

Warning: Some details of this story are graphic, but true. Proceed at your own risk, since you will never be able to erase this from your mind…

According to a report published by Metro UK, the young American is named Trent Gates and he, “removed his manhood with an ultra-sharp ceramic knife in January 2017 after seeing a photo of another famous nullo called Gelding at the age of 15,” reports Metro UK.

The sad, astonishing realization in all this is that the LGBT movement has become so insane that there’s no way to immediately know whether this news is a cruel prank or a real thing. But fear not, adventurous beings of divine curiosity… it turns out this news is quite real. (And quite horrifying.)

From a pro-liberty perspective, by the way, we must admit that every person has the right to do whatever they want with their own body as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. We never imagined that might include chopping off your penis and scrotum, but hey, who are we to judge? Be YOU! No matter how much it hurts…

Actual headline in today’s media: “Man chopped off his own penis and testicles to become a nullo”

The headline from Metro UK reads, “Man chopped off his own penis and testicles to become a ‘nullo.'” In a normal, sane society, any reasonable person would immediately assume the story must be a farce. But today, with the sheer insanity of LGBT indoctrination of children, the routine media attacks on the male gender and the brainwashing of youth to reject biological science, it turns out this story is describing an act of real self-mutilation carried out in the name of “gender fluidity.”

According to Metro UK, Trent works in the IT field. He, “sliced his testicles off at his apartment, and later removed his penis in a North Carolina hotel room after meeting a local ‘spotter’ online who agreed to call an ambulance if he suffered a medical emergency,” says the news report.

Going into even more gruesome detail, Metro UK says:

He used a knife sanitized with alcohol, then traveled to hospital immediately after on both occasions, where a surgeon stitched him up and gave him painkillers. He talked to a mental health team about his decision to remove his genitals.

No doubt he was probably certified completely sane by the left-learning psychiatrist, too. Now, if he had said he believed in God or something, that would have flagged a 48-hour psych hold, no doubt.

Extreme self-mutilation that was once considered INSANE is now deemed “progressive”

Just a generation ago, a person who engaged in this activity would have been considered a member of the Silence of the Lambs brigade and locked away in a padded room to avoid mutilating himself. But today, he’s no doubt celebrated and cheered as a “progressive” pioneer.

Somehow, Trent reportedly claims he “enjoys sex even more now [that] he has no penis or testicles.” None of us here can figure out what he’s talking about, but then again, since we’ve never chopped off our own reproductive organs and tried to have sex with each other, we’re probably not qualified to comment on this apparent “whole new level” of orgasm he claims to have discovered.

I keep wondering if Elon Musk is going to somehow insert himself into this story and claim he’ll soon be releasing a new electric vehicle called the “Nullo,” featuring no external parts whatsoever. It won’t even have a door handle. You won’t be able to figure out how to open it or what to do with it, but it will be sleek and progressive-looking, and completely useless at getting you from point A to point B. If you buy one, you will be getting f###ed 24/7, though, which is kinda sorta like an e-orgasm with zero emissions. In other words, it will be just like everything else Elon Musk has ever introduced.

Getting back to our busy nullo Trent, after cutting off his own reproductive organs with a ceramic knife, Trent reportedly “kept his penis in the freezer,” but his mom apparently threw it out, say news reports. The imagined conversation is almost cringe-worthy:

Mom: What the hell is this in my freezer?

Son: It’s my dick and balls.

Mom: Ok, so let’s skip the part about what it’s doing in my freezer and jump right to the more important question. Why aren’t these attached to your body?

Son: Because I cut them off myself. I’ve decided to go through life as a nullo!

Mom: Get your own damn freezer if you’re going to store your body parts in there. I mean, be reasonable about this…

…and it only gets more insane from there.

The UK Daily Mail also covered the astonishing story, adding that, “Gates said he always felt somewhere between man and woman – ‘an androgynous in-between.'” The UK Daily Mail also mentions:

He added that both his parents and grandparents were immediately accepting of his life choice – although his mother drew the line at having his penis stored in the family freezer and threw it out.

Gosh, so there is a line in the sand with all this?

Pinterest, by the way, banned Natural News a few months ago after claiming our information encouraged people to engage in “self-harm” by warning them about the dangers of vaccines. No doubt the same Pinterest will openly celebrate young, progressive men cutting off their own penis and balls. Somehow, that will never be categorized as “self-harm.” Instead, it will be celebrated as “progress.”

Should progressive, liberal men cut off their own balls, too? It’s not the worst idea I’ve ever heard…

I’m not entirely sure that deranged, male Leftists cutting off their own balls at an early age is such a bad thing for the future of humanity. If they all followed suit, this lunacy would be removed from the human gene pool in just one generation.

We’ve all seen the hilarious Darwin Award stories circulating across the ‘net, and we’ve marveled at all the insane, hilarious ways people have managed to remove themselves from the future of the human race. Who knew it could be as simple as just cutting off your own balls in the privacy of your own apartment?

This is where unbridled Leftism leads society, by the way… down a rabbit hole of mass mental illness that tries to label itself “progress.” While all rational voices are censored and banned, the most insane, lunatic “pioneers” of self-mutilation and pedophilia seem to increasingly become the darlings of the progressive movement. Remember the recent story about the transgender 12-year-old boy performing at a gay bar in New York while being applauded by Good Morning America? This isn’t fiction: This is society ruled by the authoritarian Left.

Miraculously, I think the most deranged, mentally ill Leftists have finally come up with a way to eliminate their own reproductive organs. And it’s all for a good cause, apparently, known as “virtue-signaling.” If all Leftist men truly want to prove how obedient they are to the LGBT cult, they should all go “full nullo.” Ultra-sharp ceramic knives are available on for under ten bucks, and ice is practically free.

All this beats my previous idea of saving humanity by building a giant passenger spaceship called “Natural Selection” and offering free tickets to any Leftists who want to try to grow crops on the moon. This idea stemmed from the realization that many Millennials actually believe you can grow crops on both the Moon and Mars. No doubt they probably also think a man who cuts off his own balls can get pregnant and give birth to a living human child. Yes, delusional Leftists have now convinced themselves that men can give birth.

Sadly, everything I’ve reported here — except for the imaginary conversation — is apparently real and happening in our society right now. And if you don’t absolutely love the idea of young men cutting off their own balls, then you are obviously a closed-minded bigot and probably a Trump supporter to boot.

Get with the program. Liberalism doesn’t need men with balls. Discard your manhood and join the movement to crush any memory of males. Join the future of humanity by removing yourself from it!

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