Leftists go insane over Spider-Man helping the NYPD in new video game… massive outcry against superheroes who aid police to catch criminals

An exclusive, new superhero game featuring everyone’s favorite spider-human just came out for Playstation 4 — but not everyone is happy with the game’s story line. Anti-cop leftists are outraged over the fact that Spider-Man helps the NYPD in the game, and even earns the nickname “Spider-cop.” Social justice warriors are attacking the game for its support of police, and claim that the video game has made Spider-Man an “agent of the state” which supports the “existing power structure” of the city.

Fictional heroes like Spider-Man virtually always help police in some way or another — most often, by catching criminals and then handing them over to authorities. Is it really that outrageous for Spider-Man to help police in a video game? For the cop-hating left-wing, the thought of playing a video game in which one is allied with the NYPD is far too triggering, it seems.

Writing for Deadspin, Tom Ley laments how “icky” it is to fight crime with New York’s finest:

It’s dumb to expect video games to be responsible reflections of real life, but it is also impossible, for me at least, to not feel some ickiness about the game forcing me into cahoots with even a fictionalized version of the NYPD, an organization that routinely oppresses some of the most vulnerable residents of the city I live in.

Ley’s review of the game wasn’t even the most explicit. As Conservative Review reports, another reviewer called Spider-Man a “narc” and an “unpaid pig” over Twitter:

According to reports, Spider-Man’s role in the game is pretty much the same as it is in the comic books. Players can expect to stop muggings and break-ins, rescue people from car accidents, defuse bombs, take down terrorists and save lives, alongside local police. In the comics, Spider-Man has been cooperating with police for decades. In fact, he’s been helping police catch the “bad guys” since Amazing Spider-Man #3, which debuted in 1963:


Another reviewer denounced Spider-Man’s secondary, joke persona, Spider-cop, as “copaganda.” But as sources explain, “Spider-cop” is just a silly voice video-game-Spider-Man uses to say common phrases used in police shows and movies. Hardly “propaganda,” Spider-cop is right in-line with the traditionally light-hearted and goofy Spider-Man character.

Ultimately, it is just a video game. But for the ever-offended liberals of today, no perceived slight or injustice is too small to go without complaint. The Left expects everyone, and everything, should bend to fit their narrative — such to the degree that a video game is being lambasted by the liberal media for painting cops in “too positive” of a light, simply because Spider-Man works with them (as he always has).

Will the cry-hards begin calling for Insomniac Games to recall the game, next? Given the way things have been going in Silicon Valley, it wouldn’t be that surprising, unfortunately. The authoritarian, regressive Left is bent on shattering political discourse and instilling their narrative as the only acceptable train of thought —  from what we see on social media all the way down to the story lines of video games.

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