Have you heard of the 6 new EXTREME “religions” spreading like superbug infections across America?

You don’t have to join some insane cult nowadays to sacrifice your mind, health and basic human rights. All you have to do is join one of the new 6 religions taking foothold in America, where the fake news media, toxic food and noxious medicine has millions of “sheeple” believing in causes that, when fulfilled, bring about their own demise. The formula for conversion to one of these six extreme religions is simple: eat lots of processed food, take multiple prescription medications, watch CNN (or ABC, NBC, CBS or MSNBC), read the newspaper daily, and then speak vehemently about things you think you “hate” with other people who do the same.

Plenty of people have hated U.S. Presidents before, and even Saturday Night Live made good fun of all their habits, weaknesses, biases, and misnomers, but never before have nearly all major media outlets teamed up to create a false-image of a President, of climate change, of chemical medicine, and of a twisted culture that breeds hate and divisiveness.

Toxic food, chemical medicine and fake news all fuel the fire of discord in America, driving “faith” in brainwashing propaganda

How do you know if you’ve been brainwashed to believe in political propaganda, climate change lies, or election “fraud” schemes that never happened? First, you must check to see how many chemicals you’ve ingested lately, because America is a country home to toxic food and noxious medicine that’s enough to drive the average person insane, if overloaded.

Did you know that most flu shots are loaded with mercury? You could have “Mad Hatter Syndrome” that’s fueling your anxiety, frustration, anger, rage and confusion. Better rush to get detoxified.

Did you know GMO produce is loaded with pesticides that can cause dementia? Science has proven animals, like bees, that ingest toxic pesticides and fungicides (like neonicotinoids) become confused and can’t find the honeycomb, and their immune systems get destroyed. You yourself may be so confused you can’t find real news about real events that might just make you feel better about yourself and your country.

Do you actually drink tap water? Did you know it contains fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, heavy metal toxins and other people’s pharmaceutical drugs?

Do you watch or read FAKE news, like CNN (Counterfeit News Network) and the New York Times (waste of paper and ink rag)? Here’s a clip below of CNN anchors faking like they’re close to bombings during the Persian Gulf War. It’s pathetic. Still think CNN news is based on anything but lies today?

Superbugs are contagious and deadly, as is fake news and the 6 new extreme religions sweeping the United States right now

#1. “Climate-Alarmism” – The religion where you pray for freezing weather while you pretend everything everyone does is making the world so hot we’re all going to burn up very soon (members donate the majority of their income to Al Gore – the “Rabbi” of radical weather). The latest fake climate change news was revealed and admitted to by National Geographic when they published the starving polar bear they claimed was dying from the effects of global warming.

#2. “Anti-Trumpetism” – The religion where you pray for the destruction and suffering of anyone who supports the POTUS (and engage in violent acts in the name of globalism). This religion is also an incurable disease known as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

#3. “Lib-Tardism-ology” (also known as “Snow-Flake-ism”) – The religion where you pray for and fight for laws that take away anyone’s constitutional rights who argues with you about the way you think things should be. These clueless sheeple read fake news instead of a Bible or Torah.

#4. “Socialist-Commi-insanity-ism” – The religion where you pray for a nanny-government that will take away all of your income (and guns) and give you free food, free medicine and lots of “safe zones.”

#5. “Law-less-ism” – The religion where you believe (and pray) your country will be much better off with no laws, no police, no prisons, and no borders.

#6. “Allopathicism” – The religion where you eat anything you want anytime you want and as much of it as you want and then believe (and pray) doctors can fix your failing health with chemical medicines and surgery.

Avoid fake news and propaganda-driven fake-faith religions. Appreciate your planet, your home, your family, liberty-loving news, and of course, the Constitution and anyone who defends it, like POTUS Trump.

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